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Achieve topic leadership with our SOLID communication channels!

Our leitmotif "We bring the industry together" has more meaning than ever, because SOLID is the only Austrian communication platform that deals comprehensively with all trades in the construction industry and does so on all channels: print, online, LinkedIn, podcast platforms such as Spotify and video channels such as Youtube and, of course, at our live events. That's what we call true 360° communication.

The construction industry and its environment are a key driver of the Austrian economy and are constantly on the move - digitalisation, taxonomy and lean construction are just three of the buzzwords. This means that the need for independent, well-founded information based on broad specialist knowledge is becoming ever greater. Almost 10,000 subscribers to the print edition, over 6,000 subscribers to our newsletter (with an opening rate of over 25 %), over 300,000 users of our website 2023 and the many participants in our face-to-face and virtual events as well as videos and podcasts rely on the well-told, critically researched and profoundly classified information that they obtain from the many platforms of SOLID - Wirtschaft und Technik am Bau.

We promise professional communication on all channels, because our digital offer with SEO-optimised online portal, newsletters, webinars and white papers are supplemented by powerful events, such as the "SOLID BIM Conference".

Put your communication goals in our hands, because we understand decision-makers.

Your SOLID Team
Thomas Pöll (Editor-in-Chief)
Claudia Adam (Project Management)
Bettina Kreuter (Editor)
Lukas Staudinger (Advertising Manager)

About the magazine

SOLID is THE monthly magazine for our construction industry. Through the perfect combination of business, practice, technology and personality, SOLID offers a broad, comprehensive range of topics every month. SOLID is THE magazine for business and technology in construction.

Together with the website, SOLID sees itself as the INTRANET OF THE CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY.

EDITION: 9,000 piece

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In order to disseminate your content in analogue as well as digital form in a target group-specific way, we design and produce content according to the "360° communication method". Thus, an article - online as well as in the print magazine - is not only published as text, but also highlighted in the form of TV news, videos as well as podcast episodes. 

On our magazine platform, your content can be found in multiple and multimedia formats. But that's not all! We also offer your content pieces in the form of posts, reels and stories on our social media channels.

1. print

Example: Abridged version of an interview with a CEO/GF in the magazine (video is recorded in parallel or extra).

2. online

Full version of the interview in the online article, plus link to the podcast on Multimedia Stage, where the full-length video is embedded.

3. TV News / Video

Video excerpt as a feature on SOLID Bau TV or as a stand-alone video on the Multimedia Stage with intro/outro.


4. social media

The video is posted as a snippet (max. 60 s) on the magazine's social media channels (LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram). Depending on the target group, stories, reels or collab postings are also possible.


5. podcast

The audio track is edited as a podcast and provided with a professional jingle and recorded intro and published on the magazine platform.

6. events

Live is live and this is more true than ever. Meet experts, industry colleagues and future customers at our top-class congresses, conferences and round-table discussions. Target group-specific and very close!


Have you got a taste for it, then get in touch!

Thomas Pöll
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Claudia Adam
Project management
Tel. +43 (0)660 90 21 622

Lukas Staudinger
Advertising management
Tel. +43-1-40410-273

Bettina Kreuter
Tel. +43 (0)1-40410-432

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Current figures around the magazine



Feel free to talk to us about industrial, because we understand what moves the industry and what information is relevant for your development. This is how we ensure intensive reading experiences in the field of manufacturing industry.

Print topics

You will find these topics as standard in all our print editions.

Additional topics are shown below in the respective months.
Issue 2/3
ET: 6.3. // AS: 29.2.


The top 200 managers in the ranking:
The most powerful and influential personalities from Austria's construction and real estate industry

Crisis as an opportunity - innovations and clever approaches

Real estate:
Bestellerprinzip - how the regulations in force since 1 July 2023 affect the Austrian rental housing market.

Energy Special:
Heating, cooling, insulating and sealing: Trends, products and technologies

Issue 4
ET: 10.4. // AS: 3.4.


Construction Products Regulation, ESG & Co:
What the year 2024 brings

Building Services and FM:
The latest developments

Senior real estate:
Why the asset class has potential in Austria in particular

Facades Special:
Innovation and economy in the building envelope

Issue 5
ET: 8.5. // AS: 30.4.


Project management:
Tendering, awarding, logistics & co - projects and dreams of the future

Foreign markets:
How domestic companies are doing abroad and outside Europe

Real estate:
Artificial intelligence - how ChatGPT & Co are shaking up the domestic real estate industry

Lightweight Special:
Dry construction, timber construction & Co

Issue 6
ET: 12.6. // AS: 5.6.


Digitalisation and BIM:
News on the industry's perennial favourite

Formwork technology and scaffolding:
Projects, Products, Trends

Commercial real estate:
Austrian retail space put to the test

Steel construction up to date

Issue 7/8
ET: 10.7. // AS: 3.7.


SOLID Top 150 Construction Companies:
The tried and tested ranking of the country's largest construction companies by turnover and employees

Real estate:
Which red-white-red real estate companies are not only active at home

Security in cyber space:
Important tips for SMEs

Issue 9
ET: 11.9. // AS: 30.8.


Building materials and construction chemistry:
Trends & Innovations

Fleet and equipment management:
Changing mobility in construction

Before the 2024 National Council election:
What positions the parties take on real estate issues

Special for Expo-Real (4.-6.10.2023):
The top trends in the real estate industry

Issue 10
ET: 9.10. // AS: 2.10.


Solid construction:
New and proven products from concrete, brick & co.

The best suppliers:
The country's top suppliers by size and in the ranking of SOLID and readers

Real estate:
Markets in the provincial capitals

Issue 11
ET: 13.11. // AS: 31.10.


Current examples and techniques

Safety engineering & occupational safety:
What brings something and what only costs

Education and training:
Where local real estate experts get(t)their knowledge

Special Redevelopment and Renovation:
Theory and Best Practice

Issue 12/1
ET: 11.12. // AS: 4.12.


Best Of:
Showcase projects of the Austrian construction industry

Construction industry:
The trends for 2024

Luxury real estate:
Which living spaces really well-heeled people in the Alpine Republic are thirsting for

Digital Special:
New apps, new trends, new business



Type area
385 x 253 mm

420 x 280 mm*

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Type area
185 x 253 mm

210 x 280 mm*

€ 6.275,-

Type area 
125 x 185 mm

140 x 210 mm*

€ 3.980,-
1/2 high

Type area
90 x 253 mm

104 x 280 mm*

€ 3.550,-
1/2 across

Type area
185 x 125 mm

210 x 140 mm*

€ 3.550,-
1/3 high

Type area
60 x 253 mm

74 x 280 mm*

€ 2.430,-
1/3 across

Type area
185 x 80 mm

210 x 90 mm*

€ 2.430,-
1/3 2-column

Type area
121 x 125 mm

74 x 280 mm*

€ 2.430,-
1/4 high

Type area
90 x 125 mm

105 x 143 mm*

€ 1.990,-

All formats: Width x height
* Falling formats require an overfiller of 3 mm on all sides.
Processable file types: Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, printable PDFs.

Prices excl. & 5 % Advertising tax

Placement U4:
Surcharge +10 %

Placement U2 + U3:
Surcharge +15 %

Inserts per
1.000 piece

per 1,000 piece
up to 10 g € 396,-
up to 20 g € 412,50
up to 30 g € 451,-
up to 40 g € 473,-

Bound inserts per
1.000 piece

per 1,000 piece
up to 10 g € 460
up to 20 g € 563,50
up to 30 g € 667,-
up to 40 g € 759

For inserts of less than 10,000 copies, a one-off flat rate of 500 euros will be charged in addition to the insert price.



approx. 3,000 characters + images


approx. 1,500 characters + images


approx. 1,000 characters + images


Current figures around the magazine


Client: Austrian Steel Construction Association

Commissioned since: 2000

Order type: complete production, supplement to the trade magazine SOLID, advertising sales Cooperation: The team of our tree medium SOLID designs the magazine of the Austrian Steel Construction Association. Our service includes the journalistic implementation of the association's topics and the creation of an attractive content environment. We also take over the distribution of the advertisements as well as the distribution of the magazine via SOLID and to the Addressee of the principal.

Also part of our service: the complete printing and Dispatch handling through to personalised Additional offers.

Format: 210 x 280 mm (w x h)
Advertising rates on request

AS: 5.6.2024
ET: 12.6.2024


The topic of this special issue is everything that digitalisation brings to the construction industry - from Building Information Modelling (BIM) to apps for everyday use to digital platforms for construction machinery hire & co.

Present yourself as a top-class digital service provider with your solutions, your technology, your products and the benefits you offer.

We bring you:
- Attention in your target group
- no wastage
- A lot of space for little money

Format: 210 x 280 mm (w x h)
Advertising rates on request


The SOLID federal state special sections deal specifically with the construction industry and its framework conditions in the individual federal states - with a focus on local features and local projects. The entire booklet is distributed with a regional distribution key.

Present yourself here as a local player - whether you are a construction company, supplier, planner or logistics partner!

Guaranteed for you:
- Attention in the local target group
- Accuracy (no wastage)
- A lot of space for little money

Format: 210 x 280 mm (w x h)
Advertising rates on request


Sometimes you can't reach your communication target with online display advertising alone. For such cases, we have a variety of digital solutions for your content marketing.


Give your content the stage it deserves!

What benefit do you have?

Technical data: 

Price on demand

* The 200 characters refer to the text displayed on the homepage. This is identical to the first 200 characters of the advertorial text.

Technical data: 

Price on demand

Can also be booked together to be the sole advertiser for a month!

Monthly online thematic focal points

These topics will be published in the following months as an online focus on played out.

Solid construction: concrete, cement & brick
Digital: discussions, apps and trends
Real estate: the top trends of the year
Energy: heating, cooling, insulating and sealing Trends, products and technologies
Pipe technology
Facades: News from the building envelope
Lightweight construction: wood construction, dry construction, experiments
Fire protection
Steel construction in focus: projects & trends
Formwork, scaffolding, logistics: Construction site under the microscope
Construction chemistry and materials: new developments
Vehicle fleet


Display advertising for more attention


IAB Billboard

Price: € 3,010 per month
Format: 970 x 250 px

Playout on:
Home page, subpages, article pages



Price: € 4,270 per month
Format: Leaderboard + Wide Skyscraper

Playout on:
Home page, subpages, article pages


IAB Wide Skyscraper

Price: € 2,630 per month
Format: 160 x 600 px

Playout on:
Home page, subpages, article pages



Price: € 2,910 per month
Format: dynamic, sticky

Playout on:
Home page, sub-pages, article pages,
+ Mobile


IAB Leaderboard

Price: € 2,660 per month
Format: 970 x 90 px

Playout on:
Home page, subpages, article pages


Online advertorials

The ideal tool to increase your reach and visibility

Home Page Advertorial
Your text is visible as an advertorial on the homepage and is linked to a sub-page or to your page, as desired.


Price per month: € 3,100

Playout on:
Home + Mobile


HalfPage AD

Price: € 3,010 per month
Format: 300 x 600 px

Playout on:
Home, subpages + mobile


IAB Medium Rectangle

Price: € 2,440 per month
Format: 300 x 250 px

Playout on:
Home, subpages + mobile
Note: partially also on article pages under "Further interesting articles".



Playout on:
Home + Mobile


Your message directly into the mailbox of the target group

Construction Industry Update

Frequency: 2x per week

Topics: Economic developments, projects, scandals, political decisions, minds & careers, new technologies, products and more.

Reach: 6,000 recipients

What you can read in SOLID

Frequency: 2x per week

Topics: e-Paper download of the current issue plus supplementary information and articles from the website

Further newsletters are published on an ad hoc basis
to events or top events.

Technical data

IAB Medium Rectangle: 
300 x 250 px + target link
€ 610,-

Business Link: 
Image in landscape format 4:3 (e.g. 800 x 600 px)
Title and teaser text (max. 300 characters) + target link
€ 610,-

Exclusive sponsoring

6 months: € 3.000,-
12 months: € 5.000,-


Digital solutions for your effective marketing


Win the topic leadership! 
Reach your target group precisely on our online channels and on all search engines.

We editorially create 6 content pieces* on a relevant topic of your choice, these are placed online for 12 months on one of our 12 magazine home pages (depending on the topic). All texts are optimised for search engines and tagged with keywords so that your topic also receives additional high Google relevance through the power of our performance.

In addition, a service box with CTA complements this thematic focus. This service box leads directly to your website. Tip: Collect leads there with an appealing service (whitepaper, event, webinar, Q&A or similar).

Newsletter integration: Each of the 6 articles is published 1x in the corresponding magazine newsletter, thus 6 additional touchpoints for image cultivation, topic lead generation.



Home page placement
6 editorially-written articles incl. SEO optimisation & teaser texts
1 service box with CTA on the homepage

Costs: 1 year = € 10,000 
Shorter periods on request.



We are driving the digitalisation of content:
Every month, a topical thematic focus offers 360° information on what is currently moving the industry.

Reports, interviews, professional articles, commentaries, videos and product information offer everything that professionals need to know about it. A newsletter summarises the findings and brings them together to the readers.

Your advertisement will be featured in its own theme stage on our homepage. Thus, the visibility of your product or content is guaranteed and you appear in focal points that are important for you.

Your advertising is embedded in this SEO-optimised environment on the theme-exclusive online stage. This guarantees the visibility of your message in the appropriate thematic focus.



Home page placement
Service box or advertorial with image, text & CTA*.
Details can be found under the menu item "Online focus".

Costs: on request
*Also bookable together to be the sole advertiser for one month!


From fancy webinars to professionally implemented press conferences, podcasts, studio talks and events individually tailored to your needs.

Webinars are an effective lead generation method that allows you, as a business, to attract quality leads who have already shown an interest in your products or services. With a well thought-out webinar strategy, you can expand your reach, demonstrate your expertise and build long-term relationships with potential customers.

You have an interesting topic, product or just want to gain new leads? We help you get your idea off the ground, starting with the concept, through application to implementation.

We can draw on our own 80-square-metre studio. Thanks to Green Screen, the studio can be individually designed and branded according to the customer's wishes.

Whether press conferences, studio talks, podcasts, company or product presentations - we guarantee the best picture, sound and audio quality.


E-mail address
(verified by participation links)

Price on demand


Place your whitepaper on and reach all those who are interested in your content.
Only pay for those leads that are valuable and of interest to you.

The Whitepaper Seal of Approval
Get an editorial seal of approval by having your whitepaper created or reviewed by our editorial team. This is how you boost lead generation and significantly increase conversion! 


E-mail address
(verified by sending the download link)

Costs: 30 Leads = € 2.850,-
The following information can be requested for an additional charge:

Whitepaper Add-On "Pro

Secure the undivided attention of readers who are already interested.

After downloading your paper, a window branded according to your wishes opens with your high-quality content. Try it out!

Price on demand

Your white paper will be available on and on offered for download.


You wish, we produce your videos.

Our SOLID TV formats

SOLID Construction TV *

Appearance (frequency): Every fortnight
Reach: 2.345

Content orientation: Construction industry

* YouTube

Here too, SOLID Bau TV achieved a total of 15.938 Impressions/year and a Engagement rate of up to 4.17 % great values that are outstanding for B2B streaming content.


In addition, we still play SOLID Bau TV on our website and have here on average 35,000 unique users.


Appearance (frequency): Not a regular occurrence
Reach: 1.142

Content orientation: Construction industry


Studio guest/TV appearance

1 TV appearance: € 2.500,-.

Instream overlay

"The programme is supported by ..." during the programme (8 seconds)
Static insertion of the logo + logo insertion: € 1.100,-.

Product in picture Highlights

Stage your product highlights in the form of a short video. Attention: only bookable in combination with "Product in Picture"!
€ 1.500,-

Technical data:

Product in picture

Offer the viewers the solution to a problem that they did not know until now through this deep dive into your product world. In the TV format "PRODUCT IN THE PICTURE", your new products and innovations take centre stage and are presented by your experts in conversation with our editors. Enriched with additional video and photo material, we give your product stars the stage they need.


1 video = 3x awareness

1# You get your finished video for your own use in web resolution
2# The product video will be available on the magazine website and in the WEKA webshop
3# Playout on social media: LinkedIn and YouTube


Additional offer:
Play Video about Product in picture
Play Video about Product in picture


You expect from your marketing: impact and result. You get from our B2B agency: exactly that.


The B2B agency from WEKA Industrie Medien with a focus on content marketing is the ideal partner for your marketing strategies with the know-how of specialist journalists from the fields of industry and production, construction and building technology as well as automotive.

Nicole Fleck, BSc.


Professional video studio for rent. 

Our 80-square-metre studio is equipped with a green screen and can be individually designed and branded according to the customer's wishes. Press conferences, studio talks, company or product presentations - we guarantee the best picture, sound and audio quality.

Luke Krec

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